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It's a Dangerous Business



Instead of caramel apples this Halloween, melt jolly ranchers in a 250 degree oven for around 5 minutes, then pour over your apples. Add edible glitter for the sparkling space effect!

this is kind of genius

Things almost every author needs to research




  • How bodies decompose
  • Wilderness survival skills
  • Mob mentality
  • Other cultures
  • What it takes for a human to die in a given situation
  • Common tropes in your genre
  • Average weather for your setting


fuck yes


on the plus side, I found something that finds your untagged posts if you want to go back and ya know

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so a couple months ago i deleted my blog and remade, and since then i’ve been able to regain more followers than i ever expected. as a thank you for all the support you guys have given me, a few people suggested i post a psd pack. it contains 11 psds, 2 of which are for edits. i’d really appreciate it if you’d like the post if downloading like it’s not hard and the least you can do



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a LOT more stuff under the cut!!

general tips:

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Fansite Header Tutorial


Fansite Header Tutorial


So today I’m going to show you how to make the above. The header I’m making is 900x365 but I headers come in a lot of sizes so as long as the header you are making is rectangular this tutorial can apply to it.

Set Up

Pick a color that’s not a shade of gray. For mine I’m going to use #824a62. Fill in your background that color with the bucket fill tool. Now make a new layer. Choose a dark shade of gray. I’m going to use #151513. Now with the rectangle select tool make a rectangle that covers about one third of the graphic (mine is 900x120). Bucket fill this and then go to Select<None. 


Next click on the Ellipse Select tool. Make sure that under tool options you check the box next to fixed and put in 1:1. Make a circle in the middle of the graphic like so.


Bucket fill this with a light gray (#bbbbbb). Then move this layer so it is under the dark gray box.


Now get an image of your person and paste it on. Move the layer underneath the dark gray rectangle. Place it so that it’s placed more to the left, make sure most his/her face can be seen outside of the gray circle. Duplicate this image and move it to the right, make sure most of his/her face is positioned outside of the circle. Now get an eraser put it to about 50-65 and erase the top image so both of the images look blended. 


Right click on the duplicated layer and go down to merge down. 


Now put this layer on soft light, 45% opacity.


Now get another image of your person and paste it down. Scale it down if you have to and hard cut it (get rid of the background). Place the layer underneath the the gray rectangle layer.



The font is your choice to be honest, just make sure the text is the same color as your dark shade of gray. Make sure the text covers the gray rectangle just a bit. I’m going to go for a simple font (vijaya, 105 px). There are spaces between the ‘ade’ and ‘laide’ so the text doesn’t go over her.


Duplicate this layer but change the color to your original background color (mine is #824a62). 


Shift this layer three times to the left and once down. Place this layer below the dark gray box layer. Duplicate this layer, right click on it and go down to Alpha to Selection. Make sure your foreground color is true black (#000000) and background color is true white (#ffffff). Click on you blend tool and make a black to white gradient from bottom to top. Go up to Select<None. Put this layer on soft light. 

Make a new layer (this should be on top of the dark gray box layer). Take the rectangle select tool and make a thin rectangle like so.


Fill this in with the same color your semi circle is (light gray, #bbbbbb). Go to Select<None. 

Next take a simple font and put it on a relatively small size. (I’m going to use vijaya again since it is already simple on 12 px.) 


Depending on how many you need use the same setting for the rest and space it equally apart.


Make a new layer, put your foreground color to your background color (the top of you header color), take your paths tool and make a line in the middle of the dark gray box. On your tool options and click Stroke Path and put your settings like this.


Press stroke. 

For the welcome text blurb this is what you do:

Use the same font as the one you used on the links put make it a bigger size (like 18-24 px). The color should be the light gray of the links.


Take the same font, switch the color to the color of your original background/top of the header, and make the size smaller (8-12px).


With the same setting as before, put in the rest of your text (in a new text layer) but this time size the text box to where the first line begins and the end of your first line. Put the justify to filled. 


On the other side of the line you can put whatever of your choosing. I put an updates tab thing, using the rectangle select tool and text. 

And you are finished! :)

Please follow for more things gimp and if you found this useful make that ♥ red. 


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Writing Tips

Deflate those Inflated Phrases



Let me just say that these are also very useful for when you’re writing and you’ve used the shortened, more concise phrases almost too many times in a paragraph and need to say them differently; the inflated phrases are the answer.


you probably dont understand how much this is going to help me with my art assignments